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Are you a looking to become a more visionary, connected, innovative and effective government leader?

The Problem

Regardless of the level of government you are part of, working in government is a rewarding but challenging career. Fundamentals such as governance, understanding how to navigate through policies and procedures, how to lead people and how to develop your team are all areas of government that normally take years to develop.

Working in government can be a very overwhelming experience, particularly when you’re new to this type of environment. At first, government acronyms and practices can seem like a foreign language; you have to learn how to build relationships with stakeholders, manage your projects and work through the ambiguity of who is who in the zoo. Not to mention having to being able to work through the budget and business planning cycles that are required annually!

Becoming a great government leader requires you to have an understanding of all of the above. Sharing this journey with other leaders will enable you to grow and develop in a manner that will develop you for a fantastic career in government.

Our Story.....

We have always had a genuine passion for developing people and driving high performance and prior to building BRS, Kym was frustrated by the process of engaging advisors. Those that excelled in operations and systems often fell down by not linking the plan to the people, while those heavily invested in developing people and culture lacked the commercial acumen and the insight to improve systems and processes to support and foster the desired culture. Together with wife Nicole and our passion and understanding of both sides of the business, we found our niche and launched BRS.

Right from the outset, we made the decision to invest in all areas of our consulting firm. We wanted to build a sustainable practice, built around relationships with organisations and individuals in government who are advocates for our business. We are now a trusted advisor within government and work with some of the largest government and non-government organisations and high profile infrastructure projects across Asia.

We know what it takes to become a great leader in government in all areas from leadership, change management, stakeholder management through to strategic planning. Our team has been in your shoes having worked in government; we know what is required. We have developed great government leaders within our clients’ organisations. We want to share our knowledge and expertise with you.

Enjoy the journey. Become the best you can be. Become a more visionary, connected, innovative and effective government leader.

Join our community, be inspired, find your passion, connect and collaborate with other like-minded government leaders and invest time in yourself. We live in a time where there has never been more opportunity…..gain the knowledge to embrace it.

Our Coaching Program

Being able to build your knowledge and expertise in all areas of being a great government leader is what the easygovernment coaching program offers. You will get access to world class experts on all areas of being a great government leader combined with the know-how of previous senior leaders that have worked at all levels of government.

The coaching program builds your skills in the following areas including;

  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Planning and 90 Day Plans
  • Leadership & Culture
  • People & Team Management
  • Collaboration & Partnering
  • Governance
  • Change Management
  • Innovation & Improvement
  • Risk & Opportunity Management
  • Cost Management & Value for Money
  • Time Management
  • Project Management

These skills are critical to being a great government leader. You will receive world class coaching, videos, articles, blogs, and access to world-renowned government experts through webinars, as well as tools and templates that you can utilise in your own organisation. You will also have the power to network and collaborate with other like-minded passionate government leaders online and face to face. This is truly a unique opportunity for government leaders to build a successful career based on proven fundamentals from world class experts.

easygovernment is a 12 month program, designed specifically for leaders of all levels within your government organisation. Once your membership commences you will have access to all the content we have included within all the areas listed above, including hundreds of tools and templates from our extensive library that we have built working whilst working with great government clients. Further, to accompany these tools and templates we have developed ‘how to’ training videos to accompany each one so that you can easily optimise this knowledge within your organisation!

Prices for 12 month easygovernment membership per government organisation:

  • Individual - $1,875 pa (GST excl.)
  • Regional council - $5,000 pa (GST excl.)
  • Small metropolitan council (< 250 employees) - $10,000 pa (GST excl.)
  • Large metropolitan council (> 250 employees) - $15,000 pa (GST excl.)
  • Federal and state government agencies - price provided on a case by case basis

This pricing is based on providing membership access to all content for the top three levels of a government organisation’s leadership teams including; CEO, Executive and Management. Membership pricing for additional levels of your leadership team can be discussed with our team at

Member Benefits

The benefits you will receive from an investment in this program are as follows:

  • Member Benefits

  • Regular blog posts

  • Webinars from easygovernment team members

  • Monthly live webinars from world class experts with government experience

  • Templates and tools to accompany the topics outlined above

  • ‘How to’ videos to accompany each of the tools and templates

  • Exclusive interactive forum with other coaching program members and easygovernment team

  • Monthly Newsletters

  • Other value adds

  • Complimentary bi-annual conference with expert speakers and the opportunity to network with other members*

  • Access to world class speakers

  • Opportunity for additional workshops in all areas listed above to further develop your leaders at all levels of your organisation with our expert facilitators and leaders

*Travel and accommodation costs excluded

In addition to being able to tap in to the extensive content and knowledge through easygovernment, members will be able to gain access to the world class consultants who have significant experience working for and in government. These consultants will be provided at affordable rates to allow your organisations to further leverage the content, knowledge and expertise provided within the program through one on one coaching, workshops and consulting assistance.

What are the benefits for your government organisation?

Our own experience in tracking outcomes from similar programs provide evidence that our easygovernment online coaching program will deliver a strong Return on Investment (ROI) for government organisations. Specifically, significant improvement in the following areas would be expected:

  • Increased retention of employees (both program participants and staff in organisation)
  • Upward trend in employee engagement
  • Reduced staff turnover due to leaders being up skilled to create a better environment for staff
  • Build personal resilience and maintain motivation
  • Improved conflict resolution and assertiveness skills

  • Leadership
  • More decisive leadership in delivering outcomes for the community
  • Improved engagement with Ministers and Elected Members through a focus on developing government leaders to engage constructively
  • Developed skills in management team to coach others towards high performance
  • Significant improvement in constructive styles of your leaders
  • Increased collaboration and partnering within the Management Leadership Team and across portfolios reducing silo behaviour

  • Safety and Wellbeing
  • Improved safety awareness and safety leadership with positive trends in near misses, Lost Time Injuries (LTIs) and Medical Time Injuries (MTIs)
  • Reduced sick leave due to greater staff engagement
  • Increased safety leadership demonstrated by Executive, Managers and Team Leaders

  • Community
  • Increased stakeholder and community engagement through better delivery of key programme initiatives in the community
  • Improvement of robust governance practices to deliver community initiatives
  • Greater customer service, as demonstrated by satisfaction ratings that are undertaken annually or six-monthly
  • Stronger focus on building a customer centric organisation that delivers services better to the community

  • Financial
  • Specific cost savings through service improvement in services undertaken or projects completed
  • Greater value for money from service providers through being educated in understanding their business models
  • Improved financial outcomes through increased personal and team efficiency and effectiveness
  • Better management of risks and opportunities across the organisation

  • Delivery of Strategy and Business Plans
  • Achievement of key result areas and positive outcomes for the organisation and being focussed on what is important
  • Increased ability to deliver on budget and business plan targets
  • A focussed approach towards continuous improvement across all services provided to the community
  • Reduced avoidant and dependent behaviours ensuring achievement of business plans, budgets and other programmes is maximised

Who will get the most out of the easygovernment coaching program?

  • Technical experts who want to become great leaders
  • Graduates who want to learn how to fast track their learning in government organisations
  • Experienced individuals who join government and want to fast track their knowledge
  • Executives and managers who consult internally within large government organisations and need to possess the necessary skills to partner, collaborate and influence others
  • And of course….government leaders who just want to step up and become better government leaders!

How is our program different from all the other coaching programs around?

  • Our entire program is focused on government leaders
  • We have worked with leaders at all levels of government
  • We have all worked in government at all senior levels – the essential learnings and improvements we have made will be incorporated into this coaching program
  • We have access to world class experts in all areas of being a great government leader
  • You have the opportunity to collaborate and learn online and face to face in workshops with other government leaders experiencing the same challenges
  • We have won and been finalists in numerous awards
  • We have consulted to some of the most high profile government organisations and government projects within Asia
  • Given our significant knowledge gained over many years across many industries, we know what a world class government leader is and what it takes to be one.

Our entire program has been designed to build great leaders. Specifically, it focuses on all of the areas that no one ever teaches you from the start. We know that the value you will receive from our program will deliver multiple times the investment you make in yourself in becoming a great government leader.

Through the easygovernment coaching progam, we are essentially giving you the roadmap and keys to our success with developing government leaders through BRS. To learn more about BRS and the types of government clients we have worked with visit:

Want to learn more?

If you are a leader who wants to become a more visionary, connected, innovative and effective government leader, then we invite you to join our coaching program. You will learn from world class government leaders and receive training videos, tools, templates and more to assist you in becoming a great government leader.

Organisations also have the ability to access a free trial to our Member Only area to see if the easygovernment coaching program is right for their organisation. Please contact us at so that we can arrange this.

See you on the other side; we look forward to watching you build your career through becoming a more visionary, connected, innovative and effective government leader!

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